Friday, May 23, 2014

NQA Show - Columbus, Ohio

Just back from wearing many hats at the NQA show. Started the week being a computer scribe of the judging comments in the judging room, then held panels for the judge candidates, then ran the Certified Judge annual meeting before heading home today. Lots of work but tons of fun to catch up with so many of the other NQA Certified Judges and to get to know the new candidates that have joined the program since last year's show.

Particularly exciting news is that three of my customer quilts won ribbons at the show. Tina's Craig's Chris & Jamie's Wedding Quilt" won a ribbon in the Duet category:

Serena Vrnak's "Decisions... Decisions"

And Marilyn Hardy's quilt, "Not your Grandmother's Dresden Plate" received an additional Judge's Recognition for Judge Anita Shackelford.

So... a very busy, very successful week filled with laughs, learning, and fun.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beginner EQ Group at Knit One Quilt Too in Barrington, RI

Started a new group of EQers on their road to computer quilt design this morning. They hung in there and figured out many of the program's buttons, designed a table runner using a layout and blocks from the libraries, then colored their creations. Later, they designed more quilts practicing what they learned. They did beautifully and had fun to boot!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

EQing with Pat - Today at Folk Art Quilts in Wakefield

Going to tackle basic applique designing today. We'll be using many of the PatchDraw Motif worktable tools, learning what nodes and handles can do to shape our work, then learning how to save what we've created in "My Library". Here's a little virtual quilt I designed using what we'll be learning today.

Enjoy this bit of Spring!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

EQing with Pat at Ryco in Lincoln today

Going to have fun playing with EQ7's Serendipity features today. This feature takes a block that you've selected the flips it around within itself in a number of way. 

The new effects that the block component rearrangement  creates are amazing and really spark the imagination. Here's a virtual quilt that I just designed that makes me think of spring asparagus coming up in the garden.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Mary's Batik Beauy

Customer Mary's beautiful batik quilt that I finished up yesterday. Enjoy!

 She chose a Superior Rainbow variegated thread for the bubble quilting pattern, super choice.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Northern Star Quilters Guild - Show this Weekend!

Just back late last night from the judging day for this fabulously talented guild. How they create such beauties year after year amazes me! Always fun to work with their committed judging room staff and enjoy the deliciously healthy lunch and hospitality of their chair Carolyn. Here's the show poster with their lovely raffle quilt. Be sure to make it to this show if you're anywhere in the area - so worth the trip!