Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Block #1 of my newest Pineapple quilt made entirely of silk. A good friend from out antique car crowd retired from his advertising agency in NYC and gave me a box of all of his ties. Here's the first block, paper pieced on Jane Hall's vellum foundation.

Great colors to work with - a lot of variety!


  1. That's going to be a gorgeous quilt! I have a box of my father's ties that I'd like to turn into some dresden plate blocks. They will either become pillows or purses for the granddaughters.

  2. I thought of the Dresden plate, but am much happier with my pineapples. Less hand work too. I backed all the ties with fusible interfacing to give them some body and stability. Looking great!

  3. The tie donor says: I'm stunned with what Pat's done with the neck ware I didn't know how to get rid of :) Looking at it brings back so memories. Agree with Tina. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt