Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One last quilt before the show!

Customer Angela has been patiently waiting for this quilt of fabric she purchased while on vacation in France. Love how graphic it is and I have always lusted after french fabrics - so bright and full of life.

Here's the full view.

 In the yellow center "boxed" area I echo quilted with straight lines, then in the red I quilted free-form feathers with a double spine. The white outer white areas received McTavishing to add some moment. BTW, Karen McTavish's book, the Art of McTavishing, which has a quilt of mine in it, is being reprinted, due out soon.
 The center star has feathers in the red and straight lines in the yellow to help emphasize the linear quality off the border print fabrics used. Border print in the outer border received the same treatment - repetition is a must in my world of quilting design.

 Here you can see the cloud and loop design I quilted into the outer yellow border.

I used matching thread throughout to repeat the traditional feel of the quilt itself.

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