Monday, June 23, 2014

A wonderful wedding!

Busy getting ready to get back to quilting tomorrow after my daughter Abby's wedding to Dan this past Saturday. We had a glorious day on the water at Dan's parents' home. Grandson Brandon announced the bride as he followed granddaughter Sophia down the aisle. He wanted his own rose petals so my husband "Beepa" made him a flower bucket with a genuine leather handle.

Sophia and her Mom, my older daughter Liz, all ready for the wedding. Sophia did an amazing job as Flower Girl, Liz was Matron of Honor for her sister. I returned briefly to my garment sewing roots,  making Sophia's dress and Brandon's bowtie/suspender combo.

Son-in-law Paul with the sisters.

                           Abby and her groom Dan, dancing the night away in the beautiful tent.

 A "Polaroid" frame Bob made and Abby decorated, used by lots of the guests for a pix of the day.



  1. Beautiful, Pat! I love the garden outside the tent. Where was the wedding? (I'm starting to make a list!)

  2. Dan's parents' home - not an available venue - they had to truss and cover the pool as the wedding was on top of it - VBG!