Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rising Star Quilters of Lexington, MA

Bob and I enjoyed out trip up to Lexington, Ma yesterday afternoon. The trees are turning and the bright, sunny day made for beautiful views.

We got to Lexington early to find the guild meeting site, then drove into the village of Lexington to find some dinner. The Panera's was closed due to a lack of hot water so found another restaurant on Yelp, Vine Brook Tavern, right around the corner and had a yummy dinner there, (they even had GF pasta) then off to the guild hall to set-up. We've never had so much help schlepping all our stuff in - Bob does tend to bring a whole lot to sell... so set-up went very quickly.

My Power Point lecture on "You be the Judge" went well, they loved the trunk show of about 35 of my quilts, then had a chance to visit with many of the guild members to discuss my work. The guild's annual show is the weekend of October 24, 25 and I think it will be well worth the trip, here's their website for more info They had to change the show's location recently, always a nightmare for a guild and they seem to be handling the change well.

I'm always amazed by guild's that have annual shows. I've always wondered if having that annual routine is actually easier than the every other year scramble of my two guilds, food for thought.

Everything is finally unpacked and back in place, now to get back to quilting Sandy's very large applique quilt. Still working on the SID around all the applique, very time consuming but so very worth it for the final impact this quilt deserves,it's a beauty and I should have it ready to show you by the end of the next week!

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