Monday, September 29, 2014

Coming along... slowly - Sandy's Beautiful Applique quilt

Been working on a customer quilt for a week now and it's coming along... slowly. Besides its massive size - king and its exquisite applique - its just BIG!

So far.. all the applique has been stitched around and the quilting areas within the HUGE negative spaces are divided up, so now I'm on to the fill. Which is simple, but very time and thread consuming.

The bobbins are full - about 20 of them - and I'll putter along on it for the week and probably then some.

It will be in the Quilters by the Sea show in Middletown, RI the weekend of the 18th, 19th.

And, with the exception of the straight lines and a few of the shapes, everything else is free hand.

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