Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More fabric dyeing - low water immersion variety this time

LOVE getting packages in the mail, like a little bit of the holidays all year round. Monday when we came home from spending the day with the members of the Shining Tides Quilt Guild in Mattapoisett, MA, a package full of fabrics was waiting on the porch. Couldn't wait to open them to see the results of the low immersion dyeing that Beverly and I completed last. I'd had to leave them with her as we ran out of time and I was just itching to see how they came out - GLORIOUS would be my word for them. Here they are... Enjoy!

This first one is an ice dye.

These threewerepinched into pleats, then arranged in a tray in a serpentine shape, liquid dye squeezed onto them, then the fabric was gently pressed to distribute the dyes and increase the chances of some interesting color interaction.

Dyes were sprayed onto this one... think this is a very cool one...

These next two were made by twisting the fabric using a pencil eraser as the twister. Forming the circular shape took a little help when it got to be too much for the eraser. Once the circular shape was set,  liquid dyes were squeezed onto the fabric working from the center out, then the fabric was pressed to distribute the dyes and to create the color interplay.

Well, that's it for now. Busy designing quilts in my head that would make best use of these beauties. Will keep you posted.

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