Monday, October 6, 2014

Sandy's Beautiful Applique Quilt - Complete

Just finished Sandy's big and beautiful applique quilt. Two weeks and two cones of Superior So Fine later, I'm very pleased with the way it came out.

When I design the quilting on a quilt this large and detailed, I take a full view picture of it, print it up in black and white in 8" x 11", then design the major design areas on an overlay of tissue paper .

SID around all the applique took about 2 days but is a step that I strong believe gives the applique the emphasis is deserves. I also stitch within the applique in matching thread ,as I'm not a fan of the shine of  monofilament, to give the applique further dimension.

Here's a close-up of "Sherry's Swirls", a fill pattern designed by Sherry Rogers Harrison before her Inklique days, that I remembered from years ago. She was kind enough of draw it out on her phone for me and send it along when I bugger her about it.

Added some  pearls to the McTavishing in this area for more variety for the quilt and for me.

All the background fills and feathers were stitched out freehand.

Hope you've enjoyed these pixs of Sandy's quilt. Can't wait for her to come see it .

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